User Account and Software Request Form

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User Full Name   User Email Address
Department   Computer ID To Be Used
Software will be installed with New Computers
Windows Operating System Adobe Acrobat Reader Internet Explorer 6 LWP (Pine, Rapid Filer)
Microsoft Office Netscape Norton Anti-Virus Screen Print
Extra Software Request:
Able Binding Yes   Adobe Acrobat Yes   AG-Canada Marcit Editor Yes
Attendance (YULStaff) Yes   Ariel Yes   Beyond 2020 Yes
Cataloger's Desktop Yes   CMS Yes   Corel Draw Yes
Direct CD Yes   DreamWeaver Yes EndNote Yes
Harvard Graphic Yes Microsoft Image Composer Yes   Microsoft Office Yes
Microsoft Photo Draw Yes   Microsoft Publisher Yes Nero Yes
OCLC Password Yes   PeopleSoft Yes   PFE32 Yes
SIS Yes   Sirsi Production Yes   Sirsi Test Yes
Snagit Yes   TextBridge Yes   Validator Yes
ViewBuilder Yes   WinFax Yes   WordPerfect Yes
YILL Yes   YMRS Yes