Moving and Deleting Text Without Lifting A Finger

You've probably used the Copy/Cut/Paste features you find in almost any software product that deals with text. It's a fast and easy way to move text or an image from one place to another, and a great way to avoid re-typing the same thing twice.

Generally, the Copy/Cut/Paste selections are listed under the programs Edit menu, but each of these functions also has a keyboard shortcut that you can use too. Using the keyboard shortcut allows you to keep your fingers in place on the keyboard, rather than have to grapple with the mouse to highlight the text you want to move and then go up to the program's menu bar to select the function you want.

Instead, you can use these handy keyboard shortcuts to do the same thing, but much faster.

To highlight text using the keyboard, you can do any of the following:

Once the text you want to manipulate has been selected, you can use any of the following shortcuts: